Omega-3 Science Information Sheet

Synergy’s Omega-3 capsules have successfully launched throughout Europe and continues to be one of our most popular products. As part of the product launch, you have had access to a product fact sheet, a quick facts video, and information on the blog.

We are pleased to release a new sales tool for you, to share the story behind our superior quality, Omega-3 capsules - the Omega-3 Science Information Sheet. This document details:

• Why Omega-3 is vital to your health regimen
• Where Synergy sources the ingredients
• The history of discovering Omega-3's health benefits
• Key benefits of using Omega-3
• What makes a quality fish oil supplement
• The testing methods employed to ensure that this product is pure, potent, and safe

We are excited to have Omega-3 available in Europe and it is ready to ship in your next order!

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